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Hi, I’m Jason Reagan.

At age 28 my life was turned upside down as I experienced the most devastating breakup of my life. I felt such agony and I was confused, bitter and a little crazy. I also couldn’t let it go…somehow I still thought this person was the one for me, so for months I remained tortured.

At first, all I wanted was a breath of relief, to get my head above water for a moment. I wanted to feel that everything was going to be okay which felt like a total lie. I craved any sense of warmth and security I could grasp. Before long, I became sick and tired of grieving and just wanted to move to the next stage already, but I felt stuck. Can you imagine finally feeling ready to move on only your mind and heart won’t let you?

I was only getting minor, temporary relief from everything I tried. Nothing was easing the knots in my stomach or the heart racing I’d feel whenever I thought about this person. My mind was like a bully teasing me of what I lost. I honest-to-God felt like it would take another 28 years to be able to feel good at all again.

After six months of reading self-help books, hours of counseling, and venting to my friends until they were sick of me, I still had no real relief. I was still miserable, anxious and even sleep was not a safe haven for me. What a cruel joke to not even be able to find peace in sleeping!

One evening, I randomly discovered this technique, which was supposed to calm the suffering mind. At this point I had nothing to lose so I followed the instructions and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after it was over! This new technique soothed my anxiety to the point where I slept peacefully for the first time in months. It was the first real relief I felt since the breakup.

That night made such an impact that I began studying like a madman. I went on to get rid of ALL my grief and suffering, not just around my failed relationship, but many other sore spots as well. I felt powerful and in control for once in my life and it felt gooooood.

The more I practiced on myself and others, however, the more I discovered that even these miraculous techniques were complicated, requiring several hours to learn and hundreds of hours to master. I can remember finishing entire manuals and being clueless where to begin once I wanted to get to work on myself. I knew there had to be a way to simplify the whole process. So I did just that. I can now achieve results in one sitting that would have required 5-10 drawn out sessions previously. These days whenever I feel anxiety I can release it on the spot and it works every time. I sleep a blissful 8-9 hours every night. I enjoy rich relationships. Things rarely get under my skin for very long.

I’ve taught this to the world since 2015 and I’m grateful to say that my clients regularly go from total despair to laughing optimism. The results are permanent as well. When followed up with years later their pain stays gone and relief has stuck with them every day since. It’s as if this is the reason we were meant to be on this planet, to enjoy life this much!

I’m now able to transfer this power to anyone willing to claim it. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing someone go from excruciating suffering to absolute peace right before their eyes. My message to you is “Relief and smiles are possible for you, no matter how bad it currently is, all you have to do is claim it“!