Meet Alice

Feeling attached to her previous relationship from lack of closure, Alice no longer feels crippled in her mental state. There’s no more power in it for her.

So! In regards to Jason’s methodology therapy for healing guilt, attachment and toxic emotions…

I felt very attached to my previous relationship, and I hadn’t been able to really let it go. I’d been depressed and it was tough to sleep and eat. Just thinking about it was hard for me, thinking about him not caring about me. The lack of closure. Losing someone like that was really hurtful. 

After working with Jason, I feel a very fresh NEUTRAL feeling. The hurtful things I was thinking about, and even some situations that I didn’t even TELL him about would pretty often trigger me, and I would cry like I was going through it all over again. There was a lot of fucked up shit that happened. 

Now, however, even if I try to make it hurt my feelings, it just doesn’t.

I don’t feel any type of way towards him or not. It’s super strange. I didn’t stop caring, but it just doesn’t cripple my mental state. There’s no power in it.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Jason uses a really cool technique, too. I never would have thought of dealing with my emotions the way that he showed me. Usually, I can accept my emotions, but I never know what to do after that. They would always hang around, and I didn’t know if I was ever really dealing with them, if they ever went away, or just buried themselves in my subconscious. 

Now I can think about the things that happened and not have to avoid them; not have to try to distract myself. 

Jason’s a fucking magician. I’d recommend anyone dealing with toxic shit in their lives to pay him a visit.