Meet Randall

Freeing himself from self doubt and guilt of a divorce, Randall has claimed his joy and optimism moving forward in beautiful ways.

Randall’s transformation illustrates how guilt and pain over a past event can be the very thing preventing you from moving forward in life and in new or current relationships. By learning how to release those intense emotions and changing the meaning of them, Randall is no longer enslaved to his past nor is he doomed to repeat it in his future. 

Five years I’ve been divorced, and I had pure Hell in my heart. And now I don’t. I don’t have it anymore. It’s the most amazing feeling to have.

“I was unsure if I was able to feel love again. Is love out there for me? Will I be happy? Will I find my partner for the rest of my life? Because I was the one that messed up my last relationship, not my partner. So I had a lot of self-doubt around ‘could I be that person again in my future’. I’ve been that way for many years, doubting everything and not trusting myself or anyone to even come into my life. 

That’s all gone now. It’s probably the most amazing feeling. I look back on my old relationships not with hate, not with disgust that I did what I did, or put up with the things that I put up with, nothing. It’s just gone. 

Now when I think back about my ex-partner it’s all about love and what we shared. 

After doing this work, I reflected and meditated on everything I had done and gone through. I put it all out on the table. All the sadness I felt before was gone. All the doubts I felt before in my mind were gone. 

Before the work, I had a lot of problems with my home life as well, especially with my mother. But, having released my negative issues we’ve had the most magnificent time. No arguments, no fights about anything. This is all because of the experience I had with Jason. I’m shining from the inside out and flying high. This kind of experience just doesn’t come around too often. You deserve it for yourself and the people around you deserve it because you will be a much better person.