Ashley was married for 8 years and it’s been 6 years since her divorce was final. Now she’s happy to say that by going through these techniques, she has let it all go and thriving in a life she absolutely loves.


Releasing her guilt and shame of her previous relationship traumas, Jessica is ecstatic and enjoying being in a committed relationship while owning her weird self to the max.


Freeing himself from self doubt and crushing guilt from divorce, Randall has claimed his joy and optimism moving forward.


Previously attached to her previous relationship from lack of closure, Alice no longer feels crippled in her mental state. There’s no more power in the pain for her.


Virginia let go of lingering bitterness and resentment that felt stuck in her heart and now feels only lightness and the freedom of having finally moved on.


Kim finally found peace after self-help books, medication and therapy made no difference for her. She lives life on her own terms now.