Meet Virginia

Virginia let go of lingering bitterness and resentment that felt stuck in her heart and now feels only lightness and the freedom of having finally moved on.

Nothing will kill a relationship like bitterness and resentment that sticks around. Virginia is an example of how you can quickly release these unpleasant emotions and as a result your relationships in life will be magnified. 

“Whenever I thought of his cruel words to me, I could hardly breathe”

In December of 2016, Virginia experienced an unexpected and frustrating emotional event in her personal life. Someone who had shared a huge piece of her heart and memories suddenly shifted his attitude towards her and became hostile. She recalls feeling shocked and fragile as it happened, then later pretended it never occurred so she could try to move on with her life and activities. Yet, emotions buried alive lingered under the surface.

“In March of 2017, I was fortunate enough to go on a mission trip to Guatemala, where I met Jason! He was part of the same volunteer team as me, and as we shared our passions, he introduced me to how he helps people transform their lives. Since Jason had such a warm and nurturing energy, I decided to give it a try and let him work on me.”

During our work together, Virginia recalled how rejected and disrespected that person made her feel. She experienced that pain one last time in order to understand how to reverse the resentment and disappointment. Once the session was over she had absolutely no anger nor pain left.

“I could think about the same memory, the same person, the same horrid words and still feel at peace”

She describes it as if she took control and healed what she thought only time could heal. A huge bonus benefit is she reports not even being curious at all to see what this person is doing these days, no longer spending wasted time on Facebook trying to figure out what is going on in his life.

Since then, Virginia now channels that reclaimed energy into what she loves most. As a Regional Vice President at only 26 years of age, her burning passion is using her success for social contribution and helping the vulnerable.

Virginia went through something that nearly all of us experience: feeling unresolved and stuck in her heart and not having closure. By facing it head on with the right tools she accelerated her processing from years into mere moments.